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How secure is your WiFi service in terms of personal data

• The open net user can safely surf the net or read own mail or access personal document

• The solutions offered by Wi-Fi Tiscali offer innovative features with smart array antennas, RF traffic engineering, dynamic selection of the best signal path with “beamforming”, Automatic Interference Mitigation (AIM), mesh networking, intelligent quality of service (QoS) differentiable by user or traffic stream and a robust automated system security. The combination of these features allows to realize Wi-Fi covers from two to four times higher than the usual WiFi solutions on the market , with the lowest number of APs, providing connections for users comparable to the common cable connection, as it adapts to the variations of the surrounding environment, in real time.

Why do you need my personal details?

To be compliant to the Italian ( and/or international) security standards.

• The policy of the “security package” commonly known as “Decreto Pisanu” that relate to online activities, requires all operators of public HOTSPOT to acquire and store the identification data of their customers (or partners, in the case of private clubs) and “traffic data”, (in other words “Who did what”) moment by moment.

• The information to be retained are: a) personal data of customers or members; b)the reproductions of documents of identity; c) the server log files, which contain the data traffic.

• Tiscali takes care and is responsible for the management of all these aspects in Italy and elsewhere in the world.